About Christy Sherman

My sisters, Michelle and Megan, me and my Mom.

I’m a writer with a project management habit. And I love to generate new ideas. I meddle in the arts, maybe to the dismay of the true artists.

I also have what seems to be a strange affinity for cars, given what you know so far. I used to blog at www.familycarguide.com, drooling over cars like the Saturn Sky. I also love the Chevy Volt because I’m a huge fan of alternative fuel vehicles. But that does not imply that I believe the theories on global warming. I simply think that finding more efficient ways to power our personal transportation will give us some very creative solutions for many things that also need power.

I’m now able to re-hang my shingle with a new title: Content Strategist. It’s how I’m resolving that project management habit while still creating content that matters. I currently work in digital communications, with a much broader focus. I like that content strategy and information architecture is the foundation from which I build everything. Now for the knitting habit. And my new-found love for things like hiking, kayaking and great scenery.

I’m a native Michigander (yes, I choose that term over Michiganian). I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, with the root of my family being west of Escanaba in the Upper Penninsula. A few years ago, I spent two years in Greenville, South Carolina, pursuing a career in education and found my love for elementary school libraries. I loved my time in Greenville, but I’m just as excited to be home again. And, yes, the Sherman Outpost is real; it’s in Remus, Michigan.


2 responses to “About Christy Sherman

  1. You’re back in Detroit? Wow!

    • christybrewer

      Yup, we just moved back in August 2009. Check out my “Greenville vs. Detroit” post to get a little chuckle!

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