Another icy, frozen status update

Renaissance Center overlooking Detroit RiverI’m freezing. Bitterly cold. And, yes, I spent two more days at the Ren Cen, admiring the frozen Detroit River. Final pitch preparation is now done, and the presentation has been delivered. Milestone completed. We said goodbye to our project manager today, too. Except I wasn’t there for it. For a while, I enjoyed the excitement of last-minute edits in pitch prep, catching all those things that are supposed to be caught, and helping those around me keep their heads about them. And then it turned ugly. We ran out of time to make all the changes we wanted, and Will and I cringed as we saw things that just shouldn’t be. Good thing James cleaned up his unique spelling of “their’yre” in time. Good one. In the end, we had to remember that this is just like churning out the daily papers on which we grew up – at the end of the day, it’s lining the bird cage. Or in the case of my house two years ago, the guinea pig cage.

My poor daily routines have been ignored all week, and I’ve had to squeeze in regular work during odd times. But, I did manage to create a content calendar that I like. It defines the audiences we need to hit as an overlay for the regular “what’s happening this month” crud we’re supposed to work with. We can then look at the angles and make sure we’re creating useful stuff, not crap. Let’s see how it works out in the real world. I’m also working on a slightly different way to annotate wireframes, where the function list and use case is included. Content sources? No room for that on this one. It’ll have to stay on the content inventory.

Next week I want to get back into the education discussions, because I miss that area, and the people. The teachers and administrators I follow for @GMeducation are always upbeat, even when they’re having a rough day. They may call out a bad day, but it’s always with an attitude that today is a fresh start. Molly Keene wrote a great post on Teach Green, GM’s environmental education blog, comparing Scitable and Scribd, with a specific emphasis on classroom use. My partner-in-crime who loves Scribd even agrees with the assessment. Oh, and Google has a “computer science for high school” program, CS4HS, and they’re looking to give away money to colleges who want to create workshops. Check it out at


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