Yup, missed my first milestone.

Freighter on the Detroit River

It's a freighter. On the Detroit River. Much more exciting than many things I could have been doing.

No time to do the weekly status report last week because I got sucked into a pitch for the launch of the Chevy Sonic. We spent two days at the Renaissance Conference Center, and I swear I spent more time watching the freighters than contributing valuable ideas. Well, except for the bad idea of dressing Danica Patrick in Victorian garb in a misguided attempt to lure NASCAR fans to sign up for the Martha Stewart iPad app. Yup, you had to be there.

During the course of our brainstorming, however, Patrick Falconer (a.k.a. “the Canadian”) shared what his cousin, Squash Falconer has been doing. Squash is a lively girl who created “the knickers philosophy.” It’s quite awesome, and I agree wholeheartedly. But, who can argue with a woman who has climbed, skied and jumped off more places than most of us have ever seen. She’s going to jump from some incredible point of Mt. Everest in March. And she’s raising money through this event to benefit others. Want more? Go here. Now. http://squashfalconer.com.

I think we managed to get through two days of brainstorming without using the words “social” and “media” in the same sentence. That’s an accomplishment for some of us in the group. We talked about target audiences, messages and measurement. Then, some of us read this article about how PR blew up web 2.0. Yep, we’re a public relations agency, but it’s full of marketing and CRM people who get that nothing is truly measurable (in terms of ROI) until something is sold. Amen.

My usual job entails looking at K-12 lesson plans every once in a while. TeachHub sure has a ton of them. I try not to review them, because I’m not a teacher. But, if you are a teacher, I’d love to know if these lesson plans are worth the reviews they’re getting. Yep, lots of stars, but do they work in the real world? I’m not quite sure why a teacher would be attracted to lesson plans tagged, “pop culture,” when they’re being so pressured to teach to tests and standards. Why not just be straightforward?

This week had some interesting changes in the organizational structure in our office. We had to bid adieu to our Managing Director, and joined forces with an office with which we were associated previously. With the general upheaval in our industry (here in Michigan, anyway), we’ve seen a lot of people come and go. I’m pretty numb to it now, because I know something else will shift, and “goodbye” just isn’t what it used to be. Maybe that’s a good thing. And, in the middle of it all is Kelly, who thinks of campaign ideas like “Don’t stick your d___ in a toaster.” Yep, she keeps us grounded in the ridiculousness involved in our daily jobs.


2 responses to “Yup, missed my first milestone.

  1. LOL, measurement is the key. Marketing as a background saves me from the influence trap every time.

    • Oh, I can’t even think in terms of influence anymore. I had to write a bio for myself last week, and one of the questions on the interview form was, “what’s your favorite quote?” I used Demmings’, “In God we trust. All others must bring data.” ‘Nuff said!

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