People who DO stuff

It started while pondering one of the questions Stephanie Tardy had to handle from the Time Detroit Project reporter. Stephanie was being interviewed before the Detroit Urban Craft Fair (DUCF), and one of the questions asked, “Are you part of this ‘Creative Class’ that is supposed to save Detroit?”

Stephanie shared that question with me before answering. We had a great discussion on how people can talk problems to death without actually doing something about it. Others simply get down to the doing. Crafters do. Sometimes crafters do things to make money. Sometimes they do things to express themselves. Sometimes no one but the crafter knows the motivation. But crafters can DO stuff.

Before I read Stephanie’s answer in the Time Detroit Project blog, I had a moment. Driving to work. Stopped by a school bus. The bus stop had only two people: a girl, and an adult, clad in work clothes. As the girl boarded the bus, he hugged her and turned around. It was Grandpa. Or, at least an old face with a white beard and hands that have done a ton of work. He does stuff. And he’s there to make sure that girl gets on the bus safely. Because people who do stuff make sure people are okay. And there’s something about such a strong stock of people.

Stephanie’s answer and this man at the bus stop collided in my head. The people I choose to respect are those that DO stuff. That personal truth had never been more clear for me than at that moment. The choices I’ve made and the people I admire are based on this truth, whether I’ve been consciously aware of it or not.

I can’t share with you a photo of the man at the bus stop, but you can read Stephanie’s answer to the “Creative Class” question here:


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